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Congratulation to the group for their hard work that was recognized at the Greene Awards Day

Congratulation to Dmitrii Govorov, and Niroodha Petwela on obtaining Doctoral Enhancement for your commitment to research. Fellowships. Way to go Fiona Wasson on obtaining RITE Fellowship to go to Australia and learn about material science and Cassandra McGee Service Award. Congratulation Dinindu Mendis for securing a Doctoral Enhancement Fellowship and Thomas & Linda Ridgway Travel Award. Keep going Brandi James with your Thomas B. Cameron Prize for teaching, H. Brian Halsall Award for promoting and encouraging perseverance and dedication to the field of chemistry. Congratulation Tony Mack on your Cum Laude, and Departmental High Honors Awards! Finally, Janaka Kavikarage for representing Leanna Patton's award!


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