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Visiting Professor Dr. Mrinal Chakraborty

My research revolves around studying the photochemistry of corannulene derivatives.

Visiting Scientist Dr. Anju Duley

Dr. Anju Duley got her PhD at Indian Institute of Technology, Kapur, investigating peptide design, synthesis and conformational analysis. Currently, she is using her expertise in conformational analysis to investigate solid state photochemistry.

Graduate Students

Onyinye Osisoma

Onyinye obtained her BSc from Louisiana State University and A&M College- Baton Rouge. She is working towards finishing her PhD at UC shortly,

Dylan J. Shields

My research in Professor Gudmundsdottir’s laboratory is focused on elucidating solid-state reaction mechanisms and how molecular energy can be converted into mechanical energy. By understanding how to convert molecular stress into mechanical energy, new classes of smart devices can be formulated for use in sensors or energy harvesting applications.  I am proficient in using transient spectroscopy on nanosecond timescale in solution and the solid state, and familiar with picosecond Pump-Prove spectroscopy (IR and UV). I am efficient in synthesis of organic compounds, as well as isolating and characterizing photoproducts.  In addition, I can readily preform DFT calculations and use the calculations correlate with experimental results. Finally, I have experience in obtaining and solving X-ray structures.

Twitter: @CrystDyls

Orchid ID: 

My CV is embedded here.

Upasana Banerjee


Graduate student in University of Cincinnati since 2015
Masters in organic chemistry, VIT University, Vellore, India, 2014
Bachelors in chemistry, University of Calcutta, Calcutta, India, 2012

Current Research:

My present work is on solid state vs. solution photoreactivity of alkyl nitrenes to elucidate how the crystal lattice controls the solid state reactivity and also the correlation of solid state kinetics with the crystal lattice. Apart of that, quantum chemical calculations are also done to deepen the insight towards the radical stability and mechanistic study.


Research Associates award for outstanding accomplishments, University of Cincinnati, Ohio, 201

Nayera Abdelaziz


Graduate student in University of Cincinnati since 2015

Current Research:

My present work is focused on using photocatalyzt to sensitize azido compounds

Sobiya George

Graduate student in University of Cincinnati since 2016
Masters in organic chemistry, Sam Houston State University, TX, USA, 2016
Bachelors in chemistry, University of Jaffna, Jaffna, Sri Lanka, 2011


Current research:

My present work is focused on using flow chemistry techniques to make flavanoid derivatives. Flavonoid derivatives exhibit diverse biological activities which are beneficial to human health. Photochemical method is a sustainable way to make this biologically active compounds from hydroxy chalcones. My focus is to apply the continuous flow method in the photochemical synthesis of flavonoids to make it more sustainable. Also, I am interested in studying the photochemical mechanism for the formation of flavonoid derivatives from hydroxychalcones.

Rajkumar Merugu

Raj obtained his MSc from BGSU 2017. He will be working towards his PhD in the group.

Noha Ahmed

Noha joined the group this winter to work towards her PhD.

Noha it is time to make a Linkedin profile!

DeAnte Judkins

DeAnte obtained his BSc in Chemistry 2014. Last summer he returned to UC to work on his PhD.

Leanna Patton

Leanna obtained her MS degree recently from and joined Gudmundsdottir group this January

She if an avid knitter


Brandi James

Brandi joined the group this January and her work is focused on studying sun blockers. She obtained her BS from Wilmington College spring 2018.

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